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Activities for Children

Creative Writing

creative writing is an art of sorts--the art of making things up. It's writing done in a way that is not academic or technical, but still attracts an audience.Creative writing is any form of writing which is written with the creativity of mind: fiction writing, poetry writing, creative nonfiction writing and more. The purpose is to express something, whether it be feelings, thoughts, or emotions.

Arts & Craft

Arts and crafts for kids are fun for children and the young-at-heart!It cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, future artisanal book makers, and more. These aren't just arts and crafts for kids; they're fun for the whole family too! Our selection of art projects for kids, DIY activities, and decoration ideas also provide excellent inspiration for craft ideas for kids.

Active Learning

Active learning is a model of instruction that focuses the responsibility of learning on learners.It is a process by students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving, and evaluation of class content. Cooperative learning,and the use of case methods and some approaches that promote active learning.


Skating in the Schools" will offer a basic skating program that can be integrated directly into the school's physical education curriculum. The framework ranges from a one-week program, designed to make students aware of skating and provide an initial skill introduction to the sport, to a four-week course, focusing on additional skill development and application.


Yoga is one convenient, tremendous and excellent way to achieve healthy yet peaceful life. AYM is one of the best platforms where you can learn the secrets of Yoga. In Hindu culture Yoga is considered as one of the ascetic discipline that has been used for centuries to cultivate mental piece. At Indian Yoga Association, we efficiently blend the spirituality with science that contributes in longevity and generate good health.


Karate learn is the great values of traditions of karate like discipline, respect and honor.Karate will help develop these valuable skills for you and your kids. Train your mind and body with combination of stretching, kicking, punching, blocking, grappling, kata (forms), kumite (sparring). We're in the business of changing lives. We give you the physical and mental power to reach your goals no matter what they are.


The first stages of silambam practice are meant to provide a foundation for fighting and to condition the body for the training itself. This includes improving flexibility, hand-eye coordination,balance, strength, speed, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular stamina.Today this rather simplistic art form is a mode of self defence used by the common folk of Tamil Nadu.morality in Silambam without any change as in old days.


Whatever your level of experience, our Academy offers the some of the country's highest quality training in Bharatanatyam - delivered by the professionals who live and breath the art form. Above all we want you to have fun and enjoy your learning experience with us,a student embarking on a classical dance career, or a parent realising the positive benefits of the cultural values that we can offer to your child.

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