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Digital Class Rooms

The Digital Classroom project features information, resources and professional development opportunities to support schools in understanding, planning and developing environments and experiences for students learning in digitally-rich contexts.


Spacious Library with treasure of books to develop the reading skills.Speciality of our library is digital library which helps to update their knowledge.The library is fully computerized equipped with all peripheral devices like laser printers, scanners and barcode readers etc.

Wi-Fi Campus

The institute has a 24X7 Wi-Fi facility in the school campus for the student and faculty members to avail internet connection at any place in the school.

Shaded Play Area

Indoor playthings for KG Classes to help the students to make them physically and mentally fit.Shaded play area to protect our young ones from the burning sun.

Play Ground

A playground is a place with a specific design to allow children to play there.which help children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Multi Purpose Area

Multi-purpose area is a type of stadium that designed to be easily used by multiple types of events.

RO Drinking Water

RO Purified Drinking Water For Students.

Lift Facility

We have lift facilities for physically challenged.

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